So Long Internet Privacy, Hello Dystopia

It looks very likely that our internet histories will soon become available to the highest bidder, thanks to House Republicans and ultimately, Donald Trump.

As corporate interests shape our relationship to privacy, I propose we take a moment to consider the dystopian road this could lead us down.

Brian K. Vaughan’s graphic novel Private Eye envisions a future in which people fiercely guard their personal privacy through public disguises.

The story follows a detective as he works to solve the case of a mysterious murder.

The plot is fast-paced and surprising while still adhering to the film noir genre. My favorite parts involve the protagonist’s grandfather: an aging Millennial who is hard of hearing, fully tatted and video game obsessed.

Illustrator Marcos Martin’s attention to detail is fantastic, which you can see in the selected panels below:

Like I said, film noir


The variety of disguises is incredible


Marijuana cigarettes: legal in the future?


Millennials: the generation with nothing to hide?


A future where the Press are the Police


This clamshell iBook from 1999 makes a significant cameo


If you’re feeling down about the future of privacy and the internet, I recommend visiting your local library. Many librarians are surprisingly dedicated to protecting the privacy of their communities — and as an added bonus, they can probably help you find this book.